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Quick Details

Individual Ticket Ages 2+
Add Extra Paint 10 bottles
Add an Extra Canvas 8x10", in white or black
Add an Art Pack Includes sponges, glitter stickers, rhinestones, bubble wrap and masking tape. Can be shared between 2-4 people.
Add an 11x14 Canvas In white or black

Welcome to Minnesota’s Splatter Paints! Get ready to fling paint at our walls, ceiling, floor or even your group members! Get your mess on and get your art on at Splatter Paints where you will get to take home a 8×10 masterpiece canvas.

What To Know

Are you ready for messy fun for kids and adults!? Includes access to our Splatter Space, 5 bottles of neon paint per participant, your choice of black or white 8×10″ canvas and protective gear (Coveralls for adults and ponchos for children, Hair Nets, Shoe Caps, and Goggles).

Want more paint, more canvases, a larger canvas or something to make your masterpiece extra special?  We got you covered for all your splatter needs!

Groups with children age 15 or younger must include at least 1 adult participant. Every customer inside the splatter paint room needs to purchase a ticket.